The following members of the BWA are professional carvers and sculptors who accept commissions. Whether you want a large piece of Public Art, restoration work in the local church, a plaque of lettering, an original piece of furniture or sculpture for your home, business or garden, or simply a trophy for your club, they can assist you. Please see their websites for examples of their work.Should you want a smaller piece, perhaps as a gift, or a simple house name, etc., you may find the list of semi-professionals that follows to be of interest.

The Professionals

Mike Painter I am a Master Carver and have been a professional carver, both in wood and stone for 30 years. I accept commissions of all types. Please see my website for details.
Telephone: 01827 830133

Peter Walwin - WOODSCULPTURE, WOODCARVING AND FINE FURNITURE - I have been a professional woodcarver for 25 years and accept commissions for Woodsculpture: - domestic animals from hamsters to horses, birds and wildlife, to the human form. Scale from miniature to large garden sculpture. Woodcarving: Letter carving, and traditional architectural features. Fine Furniture: Traditional and modern furniture carving, furniture restoration. Website:
Dave Johnson I have been a professional wood sculptor for many, many years, working on commissions and speculatively. My sculptures vary enormously in style and theme, and the size of work I have undertaken varies from tiny Japanese carvings to large garden sculptures and Public Art measuring several metres! Each piece of work is unique - designed for the customer - and is never repeated. Email: Website: Telephone: 01989 219321 Address: "Twelve Winds" 3, Overross Close, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7BQ
Zoe Gertner I have been a professional carver and carving teacher for many years and have had a number of How to . . books published. I accept commissions and would consider most forms of woodcarving except large chainsaw type. Website: Telephone: (+44) 01409 261648

Sharon Littley, Heartwood School of Woodcarving My interest in woodcarving began 20 years ago as a hobby carver which, in time, changed to a semi professional then professional basis.  This transition happened over the last 12 years after attending a City & Guilds course with Dick Onians.  During this period, and after consulting Dick, I finally gave in to pressure and began teaching woodcarving myself.  I am co-author of a successful book published by the Guild of Master Craftsmen and I have had the good fortune to be commissioned to carve some prestigious projects.  I undertake all styles of carving and any commission is considered.  For examples of my work see or email me on      You may also phone me on 01639 884983. I am based near Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan.

John Adamson, BA Hons, nearly 60 years experience in wood carving and sculpture, most based on the human form but any commission considered.
Please see my website:


TIM PEEK, I'm  a fourth generation woodcarver and have been professionally carving for 40 years, specialising in architectural and furniture carving, memorial board lettering and restoration.  Please see my website for details.
Telephone No: 01494 439629


David Ware, I have been a woodcarver for most of my adult life.  I work with most woods and take my inspiration from the wood itself as far as I can.  I also work from photographs and drawings to create small to medium sized carvings mainly for internal display.  I use traditional tools but occasionally use a wood turning lathe for enhancing my carvings of figures, bowls, spoons and other utensils.  I accept commissions and am happy to discuss ideas for projects.  Full details on my website.
Telephone: 07855 401861
Peter Paces I am based in Surrey and have been carving for over 16 years. I have entered many competitions with my carvings (see website for details). I accept commissions, sell air-dried lime and carving patterns and bandsawn blanks. Please see my website for details. Email: Website:
Ron Hester Bespoke furniture, carvings and restoration.

The Semi-professionals:

Bryan Corbin I have been a woodcarver for more years than I care to remember. My speciality is in art-deco mirrors and small sculptures for the home or as special occasion gifts. Photos of my work can be provided. Email: