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Section 15 of the Offensive Weapons Bill - VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ

As you may be aware there is a draft bill currently going through parliament which could in future prevent us from purchasing wood gouges or carving knives by telephone or on the internet and have them delivered to our homes. The purpose of this article is to alert you to this possibility and to ask you to object to Section 15 of the draft bill.
I've reproduced Section 15 of the bill below:

15       Delivery of bladed products to residential premises etc

(1)          This section applies if –

 (a) a person ("the seller") sells a bladed product to another person ("the buyer"), and

 (b) the seller and the buyer are not in each other's presence at the time of the sale.

(2)          The seller commits an offence if, for the purposes of supplying the bladed product to the buyer, the seller delivers the bladed product, or arranges for its delivery, to residential premises.

(3)          The seller commits an offence if, for the purposes of supplying the bladed product to the buyer, the seller delivers the bladed product, or arranges for its delivery, to a locker.

(4)          For the purposes of subsection (1)(b) a person ("A") is not in the presence of another person ("B") at any time if –

 (a)   where A is an individual, A or a person acting on behalf of A is not in the presence of B at that time;

(b)   where A is not an individual, a person acting on behalf of A is not in the presence of B at that time.

(5)          In sub-section (2) "residential premises" means premises used solely for residential purposes.

(6)          The circumstances where premises are not residential premises for the purposes of that subsection include, in particular, where a person carries on a business from the premises.

(7)          In subsection (3) "locker" means a lockable container to which the bladed product is delivered with a view to its collection by the buyer, or a person acting on behalf of the buyer, in accordance with the arrangements made between the seller and the buyer.

(8)          A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable –

(a) on summary conviction in England and Wales, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 51 weeks, to a fine or to both;

(b) on summary conviction in Scotland or Northern Ireland, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or to both.

(9)          In relation to an offence committed before the coming into force of section 281(5) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, the reference in subsection (8)(a) to 51 weeks is to be read as a reference to six months.

(10)      This section is subject to section 16 (defences).

Sub-section (1) would therefore cover online, telephone or postal purchases.  Sub-sections (2) and (3) make it clear that an an offence will be committed if the seller arranges delivery of the bladed product to residential premises (or a locker).  In essence, Section 15 is saying that remote sales of bladed products (which would include wood carving gouges) cannot be delivered to residential premises (or a locker).
As BWA Chairman I have written to the Home Secretary and the Public Bill Committee that is scrutinising the bill, stating that whilst the BWA supports the bill's aims in general, Section 15, as currently drafted, will cause significant problems for wood carvers, wood turners, stone carvers, wood workers generally and anyone who uses a sharp tool professionally or for the purposes of a legitimate hobby. I have also suggested how the bill might be amended to address our concerns.
If you would like to register your objection to Section 15 of the bill, you can do one or both of two things:
i) sign the online petition against Section 15 here *****
ii) write to your MP expressing your concerns
The more people who object the better. 

This is a very important issue which affects us all.

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Welcome to the official site of the British Woodcarvers Association, otherwise known as the BWA.
The association exists to advance and promote the art and craft of wood carving and sculpture in all its forms, to encourage the exchange of ideas between members, promote best practice and to enable wood carvers and sculptors to promote their work to a wider audience.
On this website you will find details of everything to do with woodcarving; from joining the BWA, to buying the necessary tools and timber, from commissioning a carver, to finding tuition. There is also news of BWA meetings and events.