C A Morand

We have had a call from Alain Espiard from France, who was a friend of Camille Morand (1928-2014). It seems that most of the carvings attributed to C.A.Morand are resin copies. C.A.Morand did not remember how many of the models he made, but the wooden originals were bought by the boss of the factory of plastic (plastic art) meadows of Oyonnax and Mr Morand did not keep a copy of every edition in resin. Camille Morand also became an accomplished painter. Examples of his work are below.

There was some confusion about a piano attributed to C.A.Morand. It was originally attributed, by word of mouth, to C.A.Morand by the university where it came from, but this was later corrected (it is still worth looking at).