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Leaders: Tony Bush

Tel: 01242890454

Email: gloucestershire@britishwoodcarversassociation.co.uk

Members are from Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Wiltshire.

Meetings are on 2nd Saturday of each month, 10am-4pm at the Gala Club.


Gloucestershire is a very active, friendly region of the BWA, striving to do more than just meet up, have a chat and do a bit of carving each month, although if that is all a member wants, they are welcome to do just that.  If they would like to do more, we attend 3 major shows each year, demonstrating the art and craft of woodcarving, together with other smaller shows. Our novice carvers are encouraged to help at the shows, as they are often the best people to inspire non-carvers to have a go. We were all non-carvers once! We have an accompanying exhibition showcasing our members work, and this too, has a mixture of carvings from old hands to absolute novices, keeping it fresh and relevant to our group.  

Absolute novices wishing to learn carving are paired with a more experienced carver and provided with the blank of a hare (known in the club as a” bunny”). The cost of the blank is £10 and we have tools for beginners to hire or buy. We also have a professional tutor whose advice is always available and one of our members, Roger Pearce, sells second hand tools and gouges and brings a selection to the meetings.

There is a lot going on, and we have some very good carvers who are happy to give advice and help, as well as novices and intermediates, all striving to improve whilst enjoying the company of likeminded people. We also try to arrange a couple of social events each year to enable us to get to know wives, husbands, and partners.

Everything is very relaxed and easy-going. You can turn up as and when it suits you, and missing a month or two, or even more, is not a problem. Can't do 10am - 4pm? Then come when you can, at 11am or 12 - go home at 2pm. . . .You choose how much time you can spend with the group.

We all pay £3.50 per session attended. This is towards the hire of the Gala Club, which has a bar next to the carving room, and they also serve coffee, but most of us take flasks and a packed lunch. After three ‘try-out’ sessions, if the new person wishes to continue attending, they are required to join the BWA (Annual Fee £25 due 1st June, but pro rata when you join during the year). 


The Gala Club is at the end of Fairmile Gardens, just off the A40 northern ring road of Gloucester. Exit towards the city centre at the Tewkesbury roundabout.     As shown below.